Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just One Example of How BuzzFeed Lists Totally Suck

Every. Single. One.

There's an entire awesome blog dedicated to making fun of the fact that Buzz Feed lists are total BS. The lists on Buzz Feed are, at best, one paragraph of loosely connected writing, and at worst the word "This" repeated nineteen times in a row.

...See? We can do it too.

Recently, we feel the quality of buzz feed lists taking over Facebook news feeds has been especially dreadful, probably because a lot of them have to do with Disney movies. If you aren't yet aware, we do a lot of stuff here with animated movies. 

Now, level with us here. We're burnt out. School and work demanded six different stories from our lead writer last week. There's a reason this blog has laid dormant for a month or so. 

Worry not. 

More posts are coming.

Seriously, Summer is just two weeks away.

But for those of you who really miss your Mind Grenades funnies, here are images and youtube clips disproving the recently popular Buzz Feed list, "25 Reasons 'Anastasia' is The Best Animated Film Ever."

You may call us lazy, but how awesome is it that we can bash BuzzFeed without words?

1. "Firstly, the music is lush, gorgeous perfection."

2. "The Cast. Look at the cast."

3. "Anastasia is wonderfully sassy and rough around the edges."

4. "And she makes it clear early on that she doesn't need saving."

5. "But she’s also into flowy dresses and twirling, proving a woman can be strong and still like traditionally feminine things."

6. "And as down-to-earth as she is, she's still an unabashed dreamer."

That last one was kind of a cheap shot.

7. "And she has some baller costume changes."

8. "Anya and Dimitri's love is actually perfect."

9. "They rag on each other all the time and make terrific banter."

This is actually a staple in every Disney movie, animated or not.

10. "But they're also there for each other when it matters most."

11. "There are also some lovable side characters."

12. "Bartok is also the cutest minion of ALL TIME."

13. "And this random puppy is just an added bundle of joy."

To Be Continued...

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