Monday, May 6, 2013

4 Things To Stop Being Wrong About

Nancy Grace is the very personification of being wrong about everything forever.

Most people know by now that Twinkies do not have an infinite shelf life, and Columbus was well aware that the Earth was round. When something becomes common knowledge, it's no longer a misconception, it's just something that stupid people think. None of us want to be stupid.

Unless you're one of these people. In which case HOLY CRAP THE BLACK-EYED PEAS READ MY BLOG.

Here are some things that should be more accurately understood. Let's all get a little smarter today......

#4- Cinco de Mayo Isn't Mexican Independence Day

It's actually the day back in 1862 that some underdog Mexican forces beat occupying France in the Battle of Puebla. That was way back when countries could fight each other without the U.S. getting involved (we were a little preoccupied at the time).

This was pretty much how the world worked until the 1950's.

We're not saying we shouldn't celebrate it- it's totally cool to have a reason at least one day a year to hold a nation-wide fiesta. Just know that Mexican 4th of July is actually September 16th (and you probably don't want to ever call it "Mexican 4th of July").

#3- Canada Really Isn't That Bad

"We're really very nice people!"

There's this trend right now where bashing Canadians is a thing. That's fine, because a lot of times it's really freaking funny. But let's not stretch it to the point of actual prejudice, because that's not cool. Remember that Canada, in truth, is a really great neighboring country.

Appreciate good neighbors.

Canada gave us Michael J Fox, Drake, pretty blonde women, peanut butter, Basketball, Superman, and....seriously, peanut butter. Canada is also pretty awesome at ridding the world of terrorists, know, have a little respect. True, Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen are both products of our icy northern neighbor, but you can't bash a country just because of a few celebrities. None of us want America hated on just because of one individual.

"Don't go there"- Editor

#2- Hashtagging 

Just to be clear, we here at MindGrenades are not a part of the internet-wide war on Facebook hashtagging, which is totally happening and is rather hilarious. Apparently hashtags are supposed to be some sort of twitter categorization feature, but in reality, nobody cares about the subject matter of anything you ever tweet. 

Like, ever. 

Rachel Nichols, you are the exception. Keep up the good work.

Mostly the hashtag is just a clever way of adding some comedic punch to whatever it is you're trying to say.  For example, 

"Abuse of the hashtag is an epidemic, one that can only be fought by enraged status updates! #WarsThatDon'tMatter"

That extra funny twist at the end can be pretty humorous, even in a status update. But remember that the hashtag doesn't perform any real function, so if you are hashtagging things like "#OMG#SoCute#BestFran", it's kind of pointless. 

An aside concerning social media; ever wonder how the Facebook guy got so rich by inventing a website? I mean really, what's the product he's offering that gets him all that money? It's you, and your personal info. 

Let that sink in before reading this next sentence about how Twitter followers are often bought by musicians and other stars to boost their popularity. When a record label sees a musician with 100,000 Twitter followers, they see potential CD sales, therefore making your interest in following someone on Twitter a valuable, tradable commodity. For as little as a penny per person, any wannabe celebrity with enough capital can buy living, breathing, human followers through software that targets Twitter users who follow similar, more popular stars. 

38.7 Million followers, more than the population of the most populated city on Earth.

It's basically Pandora radio but instead of offering you new music you may like, it informs you of another desperate star who wants you in their fan club army.

Don't abuse the hashtag, and don't be bought into someone's fan army for a penny.

#1- Wearing A Funny Hat Doesn't Make Someone A Hipster

It may just mean they're Canadian...

Not everything is "Hipster". Some things totally are, we all know that. It's not like we should stop using the term just because it gets overused- that's what the true Hipsters would want. But the guy riding his bike to work isn't necessarily an eco-friendly "Green Living" nut who hates the emissions a car coughs out into the atmosphere, maybe he just doesn't like paying four bucks a gallon for gas. Or maybe his wife needs the car that day. Or maybe he just freaking enjoys riding his bike

Or maybe this is his girlfriend.

We're not going to list here the definitive compilation of Hipster characteristics and attributes in order to help with your identification of such individuals (although that could totally be a future entry). But sometimes guys just wear funny hats. Sometimes people really do like crappy music that nobody's heard of. Sometimes girls wear glasses that are simply for looks and perform no function.

You are annoying and not fooling anybody.

The point is, there are all sorts of awesome people with every degree of varying interests and dislikes, and not everyone that disagrees with you is a Hipster by default. 

That is all.

P.S. Be nice to Canadians.


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